September 19, 2015, is a big day for the young adults here at Church in the Word. We are launching the new Young Adults Ministry for YAs between the ages of 18 and 28.

Starting a Young Adult Ministry in Elgin

As we get nearer to the date, I think back to how this new ministry came up and all the prayers and planning that went into it.

It started out eight months ago with someone saying to us, “You guys would be great leaders for the Young Adults of the church, and you have the space in your home.” To be honest, it was not something we had sought after or even thought of prior to that moment, and we did not say “yes” immediately. We wanted to think about it.

Well, thinking about it meant, as soon as our guests left, going to bed, praying about it, and getting to work on our ideas and thoughts for what a Young Adult Ministry would look like that same night and sending a text saying, “We’re in.”

Here’s a little bit of background. My wife and I have different backgrounds when it comes to being Christian. As far as I know, Angela has been in the faith since she was a kid, and I did not really come to know Jesus until I was 18. And now, a few weeks from turning 30, I reflect back on that 18-year-old who “knew” Jesus but didn’t really KNOW Jesus, and think how much he would have benefitted from a group like this.

Why a Young Adult Ministry?

So this group is, in a way, meant for someone like him: a place to immerse yourself in the love of Jesus Christ with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who each have their own unique relationship and journey with the Lord and can challenge and encourage one another.

But that’s only one reason to start a group like this.

Here’s another one, of equal importance to the unchurched young adult first encountering Jesus and wondering what’s next.

The sad truth is that it’s at this stage of life that most choose to leave church. Of course there are various reasons for why, and over the course of eight months, I’ve had a chance to study and learn about them.

In my research I’ve found that young adults leave the church because they are:

  1. Overwhelmed: They have a hard time finding the ideal work-life/school-life balance, and believe those two hours on a Sunday morning could be used for sleeping in or catching up on something more “important.”
  2. Moved: They left for college and may not have found a temporary church home.
  3. Identity: Their parents are letting them take responsibility for their own actions and letting them decided whether or not they want to go to church.
  4. Lonely: The group doesn’t believe they have a place to go. They don’t feel like they have skin in the game.

There are more reasons, but I think for the purposes of this blog, four reasons are enough. So let’s address some of these and explain what the Young Adults Ministry means.

What Young Adult Ministry at Church In The Word Means

First and foremost the Young Adult Ministry is not another “church thing.” It isn’t meant to give you another thing to do, or to eat up your Saturday night. It’s meant to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, alongside other believers in the same stage of life.

The ministry is designed to help young adults who feel invisible know that they matter, to hold them accountable, and to have a place where they belong. To have direct contact with someone who’ll encourage and support them throughout the week.

So What’s Next?

There’s still time to join us for the kickoff this Saturday evening. You can sign up here and we’ll get in touch with you with the address and directions.

Then, come out on Saturday, September 19, from 6 to 9 pm for the launch of the Young Adults Ministry, where you’ll hear more about the vision of the ministry, learn more about myself and Angela, fellowship with other young adults, and be part of a study on Psalm 1 and a discussion on our individual walk with Jesus.

Serve with us Saturday, September 26, from 9 am to 2 pm at Love Elgin Day.

Attend the monthly Young Adults meetings on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 7 pm to 9 pm at our house.

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